Hurricane-T towed combined cultivators are suitable for soil conservative tillage as it uses a combined low-impact system with reduced consumption, thanks to the working organs it is possible to obtain a mixing of the soil in the minimum range omedia of the cultivated area, integrating a correct landfill and distribution of the organic and vertical residue, thus creating a processed layer rich in micro elements with a high productivity.

It is available in the following version::

Towed Combined Cultivator Hurricane-T Series available from 50 a 70 teeth/tiller blades, with an operating depth between 10 and 22 cm, perfect for working machines with a power take-off between 200 and 350 HP.


ModelPower HPN° teethOperating width mmOperating depth cmTransport width mmWeight Kg
  • Half-mounted with 500x17 wheels, towbar with jointed bar
  • Frame with high strength structure, suitable for tractors of high power
  • Front roughing element with cage roller Ø 500 or corrugated disks Ø 470
  • Lights bar with tables
  • Hydraulic adjustment of discs / rollers
  • Rear roller kit
  • Square springs kit 25x25
  • 60x12 springs kit
  • Level wheels kit