azienda-produzione-attrezzature-agricoleMore than 50 years of experience and quality

Pastò Agriculture is the past, the present and the future of agricultural machines in Italy. This company of Padova has satisfied its clients for more than 50 years with leading products, designed by professionals of the field and realized only with high-quality components.
Pastò Agriculture sfollows the entire production process of each agricultural machine – design, realization, selling – offering the best tools for the cultivation of the soil:

• rippers;
• cultivators;
• preparaters;
• disc harrows;
• subsoilers.

Passion and talent since 1960

Our company was founded in 1960 by Elia Pastò, a blacksmith whose trade skill had been passed down through many previous generations. With talent, passion and commitment, in just ten years he focused the entire production over agricultural equipments, becoming a landmark in this field for the entire area of Padova. In 1980 the Pastò Company received new energy thanks to the valuable entry of the new generation, who with the same excitement worked to maintain the high quality of the machines produced, keeping pace with new technologies. Along the years, the company has been acknowledged in Italy as an “excellence” in the field of agricultural machines.

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