The vertical tillage cultivator model Puma-VT with fixed chassis brought to the tractor was designed
for soil conservation. Its main purpose is to eliminate soil compaction especially in the subcultural
Puma-VT promotes the oxygenation of the soil and, consequently, increases the development
of the radical apparatus of cultures. Performs a double job with a surface finish.

It is available in the following version:

Vertical Tillage Cultivator Puma-VT  Series available from 4 a 5 teeth/tiller blades, with an operating depth between 15 and 55 cm, perfect for working machines with a power take-off between 200 and 390 HP.


ModelPower HPN° teethFrame height mmOperating width mmOperating depth cmTransport width mmWeight Kg
  • High strength monolithic frame
  • Anchors in wear-resistant steel with high flexion
  • Non stop hydropneumatic system
  • Reversible cutting edge
  • High strength tiller tine
  • Adjustable wing fins
  • Howard type roller for depth level Ø 600 mm
  • Roller depth adjustment and disks with mechanical system
  • Disc section
  • Rear second discs section
  • Delta ploughshare
  • Roll tie rod with hydraulic cylinder
  • Light tables kit

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