Europa Series Chisel cultivators

The realization of the Chisel cultivators Europa series is based on hardness and reliability. They are available with a variable number and model of tiller blades, from 9 to 23, based on the power. With the 13 tiller blades’ version it is possible to use the hydraulic closing. It is possible to combine the Europa series cultivators with the Combidisk series disc harrow Combidisk series disc harrow.

Chisel cultivator Europe series  is available from 9 to 23 teeth/tiller blades, with an operating depth between 20 and 35 cm, perfect for working machines with a power take-off between 70 and 350 HP.

ModelPower take-off (HP)No. teeth/anchorsFrame width mmOperating breadth mmOperating depth cmWeight KgCombined to Combidisk
CH 2500/970/9092500250020/35365SKD 250/10
CH 3000/1185/110112500300020/35420SKD 250/10
CH 3300/13*110/130132500330020/35540SKD 250/10
SDK 300/12
CH 3600/13*120/150132500360020/35650SDK 300/12
CH 4000/15150/180152500400020/351004SDK-E 350/14
CH 4600/17170/200172500460020/351100SDK-E 400/16
CH 5000/19190/300192500500020/351530SDK-E 450/18
CH 6000/23260/380233000600020/351810SDK-MG 550/22
  • hydraulic latch on request for 13 anchors model
  • depth wheels

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